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Statement on Environmental Sustainability

SLIK is committed to the fundamental principles of Environmental Sustainability.


By creating equilibrium between great social environments for our employees, sound economic benefits for our customers and the environmental needs of where we do business, we make a meaningful and positive impact to our environment.


To support our policy on Environmental Sustainability, SLIK has made the following undertakings: -


  • Sharing of our policy on Environmental Sustainability with our employees, stakeholders and supply chain

  • Implementation of pollution reduction systems

  • Minimising waste production through recycling

  • Water conservation initiatives

  • Reducing the use of fossil / combustible based energy in favour of renewable based energy sources

  • Centralising certain processes to locations that have a shared pollution management infrastructure with other businesses

  • Procurement of raw materials from ISO14001 certified sources wherever possible

  • Creating products that are manufactured from sustainable / recycled materials

  • Use of transportation that utilises energy generated from sustainable sources wherever possible

  • Working with same-minded companies that share the same values for Environment Sustainability



Should you have any further questions about our statement on Environment Sustainability, please contact us at


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