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Ethical & Compliance

We believe that doing business ethically is a cornerstone principle of successful organisations.


This applies to all our operations, employees, stake holders and partners.


As a leading brand and forward thinking organisation, we have adopted the following common sense principles:-


  • Always act with integrity.

  • Transparency in all our actions and operations.

  • Respect for all those with whom we have dealings irrespective of their role or status.

  • Report any findings of improper actions to senior management.

  • Be knowledgeable and respectful of the both local and international law.


As an ethical and social compliant organisation, we are actively involved in eradicating, enforcing, promoting and improving in all areas of: 

  • Discrimination

  • Health and Safety

  • Child Labour

  • Excessive Hours of Work

  • Anonymous Reporting

  • Freedom of Association

  • Procedural Reviews

  • Employee Living Quarters

  • Environmental Impact

  • Collective Bargaining

  • Forced Labour

  • National Wage Allowance

  • Workplace Abuse and Harassment


Should you have any further questions about our policy on ethical and social compliance, please contact us at

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