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Technical Support

Helping our customers choose the right zip is key to ensuring that their end products will perform as intended. We offer technical support through various channels and we have technical support available in many locations around the world.

If we do not have technical support at the point of sewing, we can have our technicians on site usually within 24 hours.

Typical support offered:-

  • Fit-for-purpose analysis

  • Due diligence exercises with pre-production sampling and testing

  • Advice on correct sewing procedures for various types of zipper

  • Best practice washing and finishing processes to protect zipper damage

  • Complimentary sewing feet for use with invisible zippers

  • Health and safety related hazards

  • Standards compliance (i.e. BS, EN, ISO, ASTM etc.)

In addition to the above, SLIK provides specialty support for:-

  • Zippers to be used in garments designed for babies, toddlers and kids

  • Items requiring zippers to operate in heavy duty and chemically sensitive environments

  • Zippers used in security related and tamper proof situations

Please contact us with your technical support questions and we will do our best to support your needs.

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